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Electromagnetic Fields with PERMAS

Electromagnetic Fields with PERMAS

PERMAS offers the following modules for electromagntic analyses:

PERMAS-EMS - Electro- and Magnetostatics

This module allows for steady-state electromagnetic analysis. Magnetic analyses may be based on a previously performed calculation of the steady-state current distribution. The analysis uses a scalar potential for the electric field and a vector potential for the magnetic field.

Various load types are supported.

The determination and handling of singularities is analoguous to a static analysis.

Heat induced by an electrical field can be used for a subsequent thermal analysis. From that thermal stresses can be derived performing a subsequent static analysis.

Forces induced by a magnetic field can be used in a subsequent static analysis.

PERMAS-EMD - Electrodynamics

A solution of Maxwell's equations is available for different problem cases:

  • eddy currents
  • induction problems
  • resonant cavities
  • wave propagation
  • general electrodynamics

All kinds of loading may be applied in dynamics (like prescribed potential). The specification is made by static loading cases and appropriate time functions like in structural dynamics.