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Static analysis with PERMAS

Stresses in a wire set and bellow during a
70 degrees opening of a car door.
Motion of wire set and bellow during a
70 degrees opening of a car door.
Cardan Shaft

PERMAS offers the following modules for static Analysis:

PERMAS-LS - Linear Statics
This module allows for linear elastic calculations based upon the assumptions of small displacements, small strains, and linear material behaviour.
PERMAS-CA - Contact analysis
Static analyses under nonlinear contact constraints
PERMAS CAX - Extended Contact Analysis
New contact solution algorithms for large contact models.
PERMAS CAU - Contact Geometry Update
Contact with large relative motions between contact partners.
PERMAS WLDS - Weldspot Model
Good representation of the global stiffness for spot welded structures.
PERMAS NLS - Nonlinear Statics
Nonlinear analysis of models with large displacements and/or nonlinear material behavior.
PERMAS NLSMAT - Extended Material Laws
Material laws for cast-iron and nonlinear material hardening under cyclic loads.
PERMAS BA - Linear Buckling
A linear buckling model to determine load factors and mode shapes.
PERMAS LA - Laminate Analysis
Modeling and analysis of multi-layered fibre-reinforced composites.
screw up
Tightening of a nut against a spring washer.
contact pressure
Contact pressure during tightening process.