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The Abaqus-Door reads and checks model files compatible to Abaqus and translates these input files directly into internal PERMAS data structures.

This direct interface between two solvers has the advantage that physical meaning of the Abaqus commands can be interpreted during translation to take the adequate equivalent in PERMAS. The user can customize the translation process by his individual door configurations.

The door supports a large number of model and loading data and provides important information and thematic tables to assure the quality of the translation and analysis process, e.g. an overview on the step history.

The following analysis procedures are supported:

  • linear and non-linear static analysis,
  • Steady-state heat transfer analysis,
  • Eigenvalue analysis,
  • Modal frequency response analysis.

Abaqus Door Data Flow
Abaqus Door Data Flow

For immediate visualization and inspection, VisPER can be used to read Abaqus input file. In case of missing or not translated modeling features, VisPER may be also be used to complete the PERMAS model. Following modeling features are supported:

  • Mass, beam, truss, spring, damper, 2D, 3D, gasket and connector elements,
  • Local systems and transformations,
  • Various coupling conditions,
  • Pretension conditions,
  • Anisotropic and temperature-dependent material data,
  • Gasket properties and material data,
  • Many specifications for contact modeling,
  • Heat convection and radiation,
  • Static loads and boundary conditions, also centrifugal and inertia loads,
  • Complete load history description of supported analysis procedures,
  • Dynamic load definitions with real and imaginary parts,
  • Support of connector actuation definitions.