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More Interfaces

Beside the above described interfaces a number of additional interfaces for PERMAS are available, which have been developed by other software companies to couple their software to PERMAS. The following list only contains those interfaces which became known to INTES. So, the list may be not complete or even not correct. In any case, these interfaces are not part of the PERMAS product and their developers have to be contacted to get more information about the contained functionality.

Animator3 (GNS, www.gns-mbh.com)
Post-processing of PERMAS results is done via MEDINA format.
ANSA (BETA CAE Systems, www.beta-cae.gr)
ANSA supports the MEDINA-Format which is used by PERMAS, too.
EnSight (CEI, www.ensight.com)
This report generator takes the results directly from PERMAS files.
Evaluator (GNS, www.gns-mbh.com)
This report generator takes the results directly from PERMAS files.
FE-Fatigue (nCode, www.ncode.com)
The data transfer is possible using MEDINA formats.
FEGraph (vMach Engineering, www.vonmach.de)
This software works as a comprehensive post-processor to PERMAS and processes the PERMAS formats.
The connection between PERMAS and FEMFAT is possible on the basis of the MEDINA export in PERMAS, because FEMFAT also supports this format.
HyperMesh (Altair, www.altair.com)
This interface to the pre-processor complements the PERMAS module H3D which exports the results for post-processing with HyperView.
MAGMAlink (MAGMA, www.magmasoft.de)
This software is a module for the transfer of casting simulation results out of MAGMASOFT to FE meshes for stress and durability analysis.
Material data base MARLIS (M-Base, www.m-base.de, www.marlis-cae.com )
This material data base contains material data of steel sheets and is capable to issue the material properties as PERMAS material description.
NX (Dr. Binde Ingenieure, http://www.drbinde.de/index.php/en/services-menu/products/178-permas)
This interface to the NX pre-processor is developed and distributed by Dr. Binde Ingenieure.
SimLab (Altair, www.altair.com)
SimLab can generate PERMAS input directly.
winLife (stz-verkehr/winlife.html)
The data transfer is possible using PERMAS post formats.

All mentioned names of products and companies belong to their holder. The use does not imply that such names are free for general use.