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If you are interested in our training courses, you will find the current workshop program here.

INTES is organizing the following event:
20 June 2017:
INTES Technology Day in Stuttgart (see TDay2017).

INTES will attend the following events:
5 - 6 April 2017:
At the Automotive CAE Grand Challenge in Hanau, Germany, organized by of carhs gmbh (see carhs) INTES participates with 1 presentation about topology optimization and a booth in the accompanying exhibition.
2 - 4 May 2017:
INTES will attend the EuroBrake 2017 at International Congress Center Dresden with a paper presentation in cooperation with Porsche AG (see EuroBrake). The title of the presentation is: "Application of Design of Experiments to Improve NVH Behavior of Brake Systems".
10 - 11 May 2017:
At the International FEMFAT User Meeting 2017 in Steyr, Austria, organized by Engineering Center Steyr Gmbh & Co KG (see ECS) INTES participates with a booth in the accompanying exhibition and with a presentation on "Use of FEMFAT in Shape Optimization with PERMAS".
11 - 14 June 2017:
At the 17th NAFEMS Weltkongress in Stockholm, Sweden, (see NAFEMS) INTES will participate by papers and a booth. The following presentations will be given:
  • "What Makes Bolt Self-Loosening Predictable" (Monday June 12th, Session 1E)
  • "Dynamic Vibration Absorbers and its Applications" (Tuesday June 13th, Session 5H)
  • "Static and Dynamic Analysis of a Rod-Fastened Rotor" (Tuesday June 13th, Session 6H)
  • "Alloy Wheel Optimization to Avoid Cracking" (Wednesday June 14th, Session 7K)
  • "Design of an Engine Bracket by Simulation" (Wednesday June 14th, Session 8K)
19 - 20 July 2017:
INTES will attend the Daimler EDM CAE Forum 2017 at Stuttgart fair (see Daimler). The motto of the booth is "PERMAS - The innovative power of simulation" and the booth will present recent developments in contact analysis, structural dynamics and optimization.