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Season's Greetings

Santa Claus on Tour
Santa Claus on Tour

As the year draws to a close we would like to express to all our customers and friends our gratitude for sharing business with us and for your past commitment to our company.

This year Santa Claus is using a bicycle as alternative transportation means. During design, our main focus was on the chain with much fun and virtually, of course.

In an effort to reach out and help others to also have festive feelings we provide a charity to UNICEF this year again.

The chain and the sprockets were modelled and analyzed in detail. All contacts between chain members and between chain and sprockets are taken into account. The small sprocket is loaded by a moment and the larger sprocket is rotated several times. A quasi-static analysis has been performed. The animation shows the virtual time steps.

The geometry of the chain drive was taken from the following source and slightly adapted: