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11th PERMAS Users' Conference in 2012

Excellent presentations in historical ambience

On April 26th and 27th, 2012, the 11th PERMAS Users' Conference took place in Heidelberg (at the historic ballroom of Heidelberg's Convention Centre) with 110 participants from 14 countries. 18 presentations from different fields covered a big part of PERMAS functionalities.

An important part of the conference was dedicated to the new PERMAS Version 14 and the new VisPER Version 3 which will be shipped to the customers soon. Among others major achievements include:

  • A new algorithm for updating contact geometry has been introduced in order take into account larger geometrical modifications during loading. Linear and non-linear analyses with contact may use this updating feature. Examples are moving gears under loading, fitting procedures, or mounting and release of interference fit assemblies. Many other applications can benefit from this feature.
  • The eigenvalue analysis of a very large number of eigenfrequencies is now running much faster due to a new algorithm.
  • Topology optimization results in improved structures by a more robust new algorithm.
  • Run times for bead design have been essentially reduced by a new algorithm.
  • VisPER has been extended in the modelling functions for loads and boundary conditions and in the post-processing of more results.

The contents of the conference program was as follows:

  • FEA simulation of BEHR battery cooling devices; H.Schroth, Behr GmbH & Co. KG
  • Generalized dynamic condensation for launcher applications; J.-F. Durand, K. Ma, Astrium-ST, J. Marchesini, INTES France
  • Application of PERMAS in virtual brake development; S. Carvajal, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
  • News from PERMAS Version 14; R. Fischer, INTES GmbH
  • Overview on VisPER Version 3; O. Sommer, INTES GmbH
  • Contact geometry update; S. Hüeber, M. Ast, INTES GmbH
  • The PERMAS aided solutions towards a surveillance of high speed milling processes; K. Kalinski, M. Galewski, M. Mazur, M. Chodnicki, Gdansk University of Technology
  • FEA of a transverse leaf spring made of GFRP; Th. Rupflin, ZF Friedrichshafen AG
  • Development of a cockpit supporting frame from concept of design to start of production; K. Bohnert, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
  • Non-linear analyses to investigate the sliding stability of two proposed concrete gravity section dams; R. J. Minnaar, R. J. du Preez, Advanced Structural Mechanics (Pty) Ltd
  • Structural analysis procedure of a nanosatellite; M. Süer, E. Ümit, Simmeca
  • The application of PERMAS for the design of turbo-machines; D. Goerke, Th. Schmidt, F. Kocian, DLR Stuttgart, A.-L. Le Denmat, E. Nicke, DLR
  • Simulation methods for the sound radiation of gearboxes; J. Neher, Hochschule Ulm/MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, B. Graf, Voith Hydro, B. Wender, Hochschule Ulm
  • Vibration Analysis for Brake System Considering Contact Pressure; K. Ashida, Nissin Kogyo Inc.
  • Addressing complexity in pre- and post-processing for PERMAS applications using ANSA and mETA; K. Gourgounis, BETA CAE Systems S.A.
  • Complete optimization process on engine cooling module component; B. Thomas, Ph. Gogé, Valeo Thermal Systems, N. Rannou, INTES France
  • From CFD simulation to structural analysis: Improved boundary conditions with OpenFOAM; M. El-Kamali, INTES France
  • Optimizing stopper geometry in engine analysis; R. Helfrich, M. Klein, I. Pflieger, INTES GmbH

The proceedings are available at INTES or at any bookstore under the following title:

Finite Elements in Engineering Applications, Proceedings of the 11th PERMAS Users' Conference, Stuttgart, Germany, 26-27 April 2012 (CD-ROM in Jewelcase with PDF files of all presentations), ISBN 978-3-926494-12-2.