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InfoMail No. 5 of December 19, 2017

INTES InfoMail
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This is the next InfoMail of INTES with new and interesting information about the company, our CAE software PERMAS, our events and services.

We have prepared the following content:

  1. Season’s Greetings.
  2. New address of INTES after move.
  3. Announcement of next PERMAS Users’ Conference on April 12th to 13th, 2018.
  4. Schedule of next Standard PERMAS Workshops.
  5. Multimodal optimization to design and position vibration absorbers.
  6. Graphic based process for frequency response analysis.
  1. Season’s Greetings
    As the year draws to a close we would like to express to all our customers and friends our gratitude for sharing business with us and for your past commitment to our company. This year a new star is twinkling in the firmament. Here, our focus was on the optimization of its shape with much fun and virtually, of course. In an effort to reach out and help others to also have festive feelings we provide a charity to UNICEF this year again.
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  2. New Address of INTES after Move
    The new address since mid of September 2017 is:
    INTES GmbH
    Breitwiesenstr. 28
    70565 Stuttgart

    Other contact details remain unchanged:
    Phone: +49 711 78499 0
    Fax: +49 711 78499 10
    E-mail: info@intes.de
    Web: www.intes.de
  3. Announcement of next PERMAS Users’ Conference on April 12th to 13th, 2018
    On April 12th - 13th, 2018, the next PERMAS Users' conference will be organized in Stuttgart. In 2018, the venue will be again at the Schwabenlandhalle in Fellbach near Stuttgart. You are cordially invited to give there a presentation on your applications of PERMAS and VisPER and on your experience in using the software. Both new applications and proven simulation technologies have its interesting aspects worthwhile to be presented to a larger audience. We are looking forward to receiving your proposals and ideas. ...read more
  4. Provisional Program of Next Standard PERMAS Workshops (in German). English workshops are available on request.
    • In January 2018:
      • 22 January : Advanced modeling and analysis features
    • In February 2018:
      • 26 - 28 February : Basic
    • In March 2018:
      • 1 March : Contact analysis - advanced
      • 5 March : VisPER (free-of-charge)
      • 6 March : Topology optimization
      • 7 - 8 March : Optimization analysis
      • 9 March : Reliability analysis
      • 12 - 13 March : Nonlinear static analysis
      • 14 March : Heat transfer
      • 15 March : Substructure technique
      • 19 -20 March : Dynamic analysis
      • 21 March : Fluid/structure acoustics
    • In April 2018:
      • 23 - 24 April : Engine analysis
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  5. Multimodal Optimization to Design and Position Vibration Absorbers
    Vibration absorbers are mainly used in civil engineering, e.g. for high-rise structures and bridges. But also mechanical engineering benefits from vibration absorbers, e.g. in machine/building interaction or insulation of vibrating structures. Moreover, in case of vibrations tending to instabilities, vibration absorbers are always an important topic, e.g. brake squealing, blisk vibrations in jet engines.
    The solution is a multimodal optimization with a sizing approach for the parameters of each absorber and a positioning approach of the absorbers to find the optimum location.
  6. Graphic Based Process for Frequency Response Analysis
    Frequency response analysis (FRA) as a forced vibration analysis under harmonic loading is available with PERMAS since many years. In case of a modal FRA, the eigenmodes and eigenfrequencies are calculated first and the FRA is performed in a second step.
    In an action to facilitate the use of FRA, the application process is now supported by VisPER, the graphical user interface of PERMAS.
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