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PCGen: PERMAS Component Generator

Tank modeling with PCGen.

PCGen is a model generator, integrated to VisPER and specialized in quasi axisymmetrical structures. Although it generates meshes, PCGen is not a mesher. It aims at creating complete F.E. models with automatic nodes and elements sets, materials, properties, loadings (for example pressure in tanks and boosters) and analysis situations. Its primary purpose is to reduce the complexity of the whole F.E. model creation process, so it generates also automatic plans and reports.

PCGen is not an all-purpose mesher, it is a specialized tool, that aims at integrating standards for model generation, as well as providing a convenient and adapted interface for model definition. Thus, it focuses mainly on the following products:

  • Shell structures
  • Laminate
  • Flanges and stiffeners
  • Bolted flanges
  • Fluid tanks
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