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VisPER: the new graphical Pre- und Postprocessor for PERMAS


VisPER (Visual PERMAS) is a GUI based model editor. It is used to complete finite element models for specific applications with PERMAS. To this end VisPER fills efficiently the gap between FE models generated by a standard mesher such as Medina and PERMAS models which are ready to run. VisPER can also be used for model verification and post-processing tasks.

In April 2008 the new pre- und postprocessor VisPER (Visual PERMAS) was introduced. The main goal of this development is a dedicated graphical support for special functionalities in PERMAS. A specific user interface greatly simplifies the modeling and hence increases the efficiency of the user. VisPER directly accesses the PERMAS data structures achieving an unmatched data consistency between graphical user interface and PERMAS. In the future, new functions in PERMAS will be supported by the preprocessing earlier than today. Further concepts of the software are:

  • Wizards guiding the user through the respective modeling steps.
  • Scripting (using Python) for the creation and replication of standard procedures.
  • Batch capability, i.e. an interactive process is not necessary for the use of the graphical capabilities.
  • A high degree of configurability allows the customization including client-specific help functions.
Functions for post-processing including animation complete the graphical capabilities.
Version 2 of VisPER supports the following PERMAS analysis types:
  • Topology optimization
  • Sizing optimization
  • Shape optimization
  • Bead design
  • Fluid-Structure-coupling
  • Contact analysis
  • Sub-structuring
  • Model validation (including the execution of PERMAS test runs)
VisPER is supported under Linux and Windows 7 (64 bit). The main storage capacity should be at least 1 GB and Nvidia graphic cards supporting OpenGL 1.5 are recommended.

VisPER is a registered trademark of INTES GmbH.