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Weldspot Model

PERMAS-WLDS Weldspot model

This module offers a refined weldspot model which is characterized by very low variations of the weldspot forces and by an improved stiffness representation. Among others, this is achieved by an internal calibration of the stiffness using a volume model.

  • Specification of spotweld positions
  • Selection of (incompatible) faces
  • Specification of spotweld stiffness and (optionally) the spotweld diameter

The spotweld stiffness is modeled by a spring element, which is coupled to the neighbored parts by automatically generated MPC conditions. Available results are the spring forces and the reaction forces at the coupling nodes of the joint parts. For verification purposes the topology and the connecting vectors of the generated spotweld connections can be issued for graphical post-processing.

Verification of generated spotweld connections
Verification of generated spotweld connections