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This interface directly reads the model from the MEDINA data bus (.bif) and writes the results back to the data bus (.bof).

All MEDINA elements and almost all PERMAS MPCs are translated. Beside Components, different Situations with constraint and load variants may be specified within MEDINA.

It is a very special feature in MEDINA that all PERMAS element tests have been integrated for element validation during pre-processing. So, if a model is checked in MEDINA, it will pass the PERMAS tests without any serious problems.

The part handling by incompatible line/surface coupling is supported, e.g. the weldspot model.

The interface supports the following analysis types:

  • linear and nonlinear statics
  • contact analysis
  • dynamic mode analysis
  • thermal analysis
  • fluid-structure acoustics (basic modeling and post-processing)
  • electromagnetics (basic modeling and post-processing)

The interface is continually adapted to new versions of MEDINA and extended to cover new features of PERMAS.