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The courses are regularly offered twice a year in German at our office in Stuttgart. English courses or individual training can be arranged separately.

Available PERMAS Workshops

The following courses are regularly offered twice a year in German. English courses or individual training can be arranged individually.

Basics (BASIC-1/BASIC-2/CA-1)
Introduction to PERMAS and basics of linear static analysis and contact analysis
Introduction to MEDINA
Contact Analysis - Advanced (CA-2)
Advanced topics in contact analysis
Non-linear Statics (NLS-1/NLS-2)
Application of nonlinear methods with PERMAS
Engine analysis (Engine-1/Engine-2) Next date: 21.11.2017 - 22.11.2017
Efficient engine analysis with PERMAS
Heat Transfer (HT)
Steady-state and transient heat transfer analysis
Substructure Technique (SUB) Next date: 23.11.2017
Static and dynamic condensation as well as matrix-models
Advanced Modeling and Analysis Features (AD) Next date: 22.01.2018
Efficient usage of PERMAS, advanced methods for experienced users
Dynamic Analysis (DYN-1/DYN-2)
Dynamic analysis with PERMAS
Fluid/Structure Acoustics (FS)
Efficient analysis of coupled fluid-structure systems.
VisPER (free of charge) (VisPER)
Basics for the use of VisPER.
Optimization Analysis (OPT-1/OPT-2)
Application of the optimization module integrated within PERMAS
Topology Optimization (TOPO)
Support of the concept design phase through the topology optimization feature in PERMAS
Reliability Analysis (RA)
Assessment of structural reliability using the integrated PERMAS module