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The courses are regularly offered twice a year in German at our office in Stuttgart. English courses or individual training can be arranged separately.

MEDINA workshop MEDINA Basics

This three-day workshop gives new MEDINA users without previous knowledge an overview on basic functions in MEDINA. Participants get useful information for daily use and gain practical knowledge through workshop exercises.

1st day (MEDINA-1):
Introduction to MEDINA: MEDINA Monitor, general basic functions
MEDINA PreProcessing: PreProcessing basic functions, geometry functions, Meshing with MeshArea, edit surface meshes
2nd day (MEDINA-2):
MEDINA PreProcessing: additional surface mesher, volume meshing, model check, edit model, model arrangement
3rd day (MEDINA-3):
MEDINA PreProcessing: Properties and material, assembly of models, boundary conditions and loads, solver-specific jobdeck
MEDINA PostProcessing: PostProcessing basic functions, import and organization of model and result data, graphic presentation of result data, layout elements, plot
No previous knowledge required