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The courses are regularly offered twice a year in German at our office in Stuttgart. English courses or individual training can be arranged separately.

VisPER workshop

Basics for the use of VisPER.

VisPER is the new model editor for PERMAS. VisPER supports the completion and verification of the model graphically. It has an intuitive, self-configurable handling, a consistent model description close to PERMAS and a logical prompt. This leads to an efficient handling also of complex models and saves a lot of time during the model definition.

VisPER is embedded in the process between the preprocessing and the computation. Some special functions for the postprocessing and the topology optimization are also available in VisPER.

The VisPER training is completely interactive. All functions, modeling steps and dialogs which are shown will immediately be done on the computer. The participants learn easily how to use VisPER. With exercises the participants confirm their newly acquired knowledge.
Introduction to VisPER, Handling, Dialog-Bars, Topo Wizard, Sizing Wizard, CA Wizard, FS Wizard, check element quality, model check, postprocessing, spot weld, embedding in the computation process, exercises
Basic knowledge of PERMAS (BASIC-1, BASIC-2) is required.