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If you are interested in our training courses, you will find the current workshop program here.

INTES is organizing the following event:
12-13 April 2018:
PERMAS Users' Conference in Stuttgart (see PERMAS_UsersConference2018).

INTES will attend the following events:
17 - 18 April 2018:
At the Automotive CAE Grand Challenge in Hanau, Germany, organized by of carhs gmbh (see carhs) INTES participates with 1 presentation about Robust Design Optimization and a booth in the accompanying exhibition.
18 - 20 April 2018:
At the FAN2018 (International Conference on Fan Noise, Aerodynamics, Applications and Systems) in Darmstadt, Germany, (see FAN2018) INTES France participates with 1 presentation about "Turbo-Machinery Design based on Multi-Physics Fluid-Structure Optimization".
14 - 16 May 2018:
INTES will attend the NAFEMS Regional Conference DACH in Bamberg with five papers and a booth (see NAFEMS). The papers have the following titles (but will be presented in German): "Selfcontact with update of a wire harness", "Application of passive and active vibration absorbers in structural dynamics", "Towards digital prototypes - still a dream or already reality?", "Design by simulation of an engine bracket", "Electrodynamic induction and coupling with thermodynamics and structural mechanics".
5 - 7 June 2018:
At the CAASE18 conference of NAFEMS Americas in Cleveland, OH, USA, INTES is contributing two papers and will have a booth in the exhibition (see NAFEMS). The papers have the following titles: "Robust design optimization under reliability constraints" and "Part design by simulation".
20 - 21 November 2018:
At the VDI congress "SIMVEC - Simulation und Erprobung in der Fahrzeugentwicklung" in Baden-Baden, INTES will be present with a booth (siehe VDI).