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InfoMail No. 6 of March 16, 2018

INTES InfoMail

This is the next InfoMail of INTES with new and interesting information about the company, our CAE software PERMAS, our events and services.

We have prepared the following content:

  1. PERMAS Users’ Conference on April 12th to 13th, 2018.
  2. Schedule of next Standard PERMAS Workshops.
  3. Comparison of experimental modal analysis (EMA) with dynamic eigenvalue analysis.
  4. Shape optimization of wheel spokes to survive wheel impact test.
  5. INTES will attend other events.

PERMAS UM 1. PERMAS Users’ Conference on April 12th to 13th, 2018

You are cordially invited to attend the forthcoming PERMAS Users' Conference in Stuttgart on April 12-13, 2018.
There will be an exciting program of user presentations and an introduction to the new developments of next PERMAS Version 17. As usual, sufficient time will be allocated to exchange experiences with other users and to discuss your points of interest with developers of PERMAS. An accompanying exhibition will also be organized.
Use this opportunity to get information on up-to-date applications and software developments. It is hoped that we will see an informative user meeting in Stuttgart.

Up-to-date information on the conference can be found using this link.

PERMAS Workshops 2. Schedule of Next Standard PERMAS Workshops (in German)

English workshops are available on request.

19 - 20 Mar. 2018 Dynamic analysis
21 Mar. 2018 Fluid/structure acoustics
23 - 24 Apr. 2018 Engine analysis

Website , Program , Calendar , Registration .

EMA 3. Comparison of experimental modal analysis (EMA) with dynamic eigenvalue analysis

For structures under dynamic loads, simulations and experiments are frequently used side by side. This leads to mutual benefits. On the one hand, simulation provides a means to identify preferred points to measure. On the other hand, experimental results can be used to identify differences between experimental and simulation model, which provide a basis for model updating to fit the test results by simulation.

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Wheel Impact Test 4. Shape Optimization of Wheel Spokes to Survive Wheel Impact Test

For the homologation of alloy wheels, a number of standard tests have to be performed before such wheels are allowed to be used in cars. Such tests are bending fatigue test, radial fatigue test, and impact test. The latter test represents the inclined collision of a wheel and a curb at low speed, where the spokes are not allowed to crack. To pass this test at the first time successfully, previous numerical simulation and optimization can avoid late re-design and late start of production.

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Other events 5. INTES Will Attend Other Events

17 - 18 Apr. 2018  Automotive CAE Grand Challenge in Hanau, Germany
18 - 20 Apr. 2018  FAN2018 (International Conference on Fan Noise, Aerodynamics, Applications and Systems) in Darmstadt, Germany
14 - 16 May 2018  NAFEMS Regional Conference DACH in Bamberg, Germany
5 - 7 June 2018  CAASE18 conference of NAFEMS Americas in Cleveland, OH, USA
20 - 21 Nov. 2018  VDI congress "SIMVEC - Simulation und Erprobung in der Fahrzeugentwicklung" in Baden-Baden, Germany

Overview on other events