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InfoMail No. 4 of July 21, 2017

INTES InfoMail
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This is the next InfoMail of INTES with new and interesting information about the company, our CAE software PERMAS, our events and services.

We have prepared the following content:

  1. New generation at INTES.
  2. New conference papers published.
  3. Schedule of next Standard PERMAS Workshops.
  4. PERMAS on new Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors.
  5. Topology optimization with contact.
  6. Topology optimization with contact.
  7. INTES will attend other events.
  1. New Generation at INTES
    After 33 years, INTES CEO Reinhard Helfrich transferred his position to Rolf Fischer on July 1st, 2017. Reinhard Helfrich remains responsible for the development of INTES' international operations. "Our goal is to preserve our independence and to put the next generation in charge of INTES", says Reinhard Helfrich. "By this step, we are creating a new basis of confidence among our customers regarding the continuous further development of INTES." Rolf Fischer has been the head of INTES software development for more than 20 years. "To our customers, we already provide software for the future challenges in model complexity and computing speed", Rolf Fischer underscores. "The software will become even more attractive for our international customers by future developments of functional extensions and high comfort. Here, we are putting strong emphasis on innovative solutions in close cooperation with our customers." .
  2. New Conference Papers Published
    A selection of conference papers is published on our website. Now, there are a number of new papers available:
    • Alloy Wheel Optimization to Avoid Cracking.
    • Static and Dynamic Analysis of a Rod-Fastened Rotor.
    • Design of an Engine Bracket by Simulation.
    • What makes Bolt Self-loosening Predictable?
    • Dynamic Vibration Absorbers and its Applications.
    • Weight Optimization of a Transmission Housing.
    Following the link, the papers can be reviewed:
  3. Provisional Program of Next Standard PERMAS Workshops (in German). English workshops are available on request.
    In October 2017:
    16 - 18 October: Basics
    19 October: Contact analysis – Advanced applications
    23 October: VisPER (free-of-charge)
    24 October: Topology optimization
    25 - 26 October: Parameter optimization
    In November 2017:
    7 - 8 November: Dynamic Analysis
    9 November: Fluid/Structure Acoustics
    10 November: Reliability analysis
    13 – 14 November: Nonlinear static analysis
    15 November: Heat transfer
    20 November: Advanced Modeling and Analysis Features
    21 – 22 November : Engine analysis
    23 November: Substructure technique
  4. PERMAS on New Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
    The overall performance of PERMAS always depends on the performance of both hardware and software. The close cooperation between Intel and Intes over many years ensures the ongoing adoption of new features to be at the forefront of high performance computing. As a consequence, a new processor release is always accompanied by the best adapted software. This is what INTES wants to provide to its customers. … The new INTEL® XEON® SCALABLE PROCESSORS are supported by PERMAS® from the very beginning. On these processors, PERMAS shows excellent performance as documented on a joint flyer. There is up to 56% higher 4-socket performance than a previous-generation server.
  5. Topology Optimization with Contact
    It is an often raised question what to do with contact in topology optimization. Is it possible? Is contact as a nonlinear feature managed properly at all? What is the influence of contact on the results? Contact is the most frequently used nonlinearity and an important boundary condition. So, there is the good message that contact can be used in a standard way by topology optimization in PERMAS. …
  6. PERMAS Computes Vehicles' Stressed Wire Harness
    Covers and openings of vehicles usually contain electric drives and functions like adjustable and heatable exterior mirrors, window lifters, speakers, and lighting in doors. These functions need power which is supplied by wires from the battery. The wires have to allow for a wide opening of doors. This leads to high stresses in the wires which can lead to wire breakage. So, a stress analysis of wires during door opening is essential to prove a wire harness design. …
  7. INTES at other events
    In September:
    24 - 27 September: 35th Annual SAE Brake Colloquium & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, USA
    In November:
    20 - 21 November: NAFEMS Seminar "Simulation Driven Design" in Neuendettelsau
    Overview on events