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INTES is founded by members of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Stuttgart University. On the basis of the Finite Element software ASKA taken over from the university, a new integrated software was developed under the name PERMAS.
INTES is among the first companies in the newly founded Technology Transfer Center on the campus of Stuttgart University.
PERMAS is re-written from scratch, yielding a completely new software using proven concepts together with many new ideas.
The new PERMAS Version 5 now comprises 500.000 lines of code.                     
In the scope of the European research project EURO-PORT the software is parallelized. The concepts and the structure of the new PERMAS version are an important prerequisite for this work.
Foundation of INTES France.                    
INTES moves to new offices.                                             
With PERMAS Version 7 the parallelized software is delivered to our customers. Due to new developments in hardware architecture, this feature is widely in use.
At the occasion of the 20th anniversary of PERMAS a user meeting is held in Stuttgart where 130 participants attend the introduction of PERMAS Version 10.
Together with PERMAS Version 12 the first version of VisPER (Visual PERMAS) was introduced. This is the new graphical user interface for PERMAS which with its Version 1 supports PERMAS functionalities in contact analysis, optimization, fluid-structure acoustics, substructuring, and evaluation of spotweld results.
PERMAS is now 25 years old which was celebrated by a technology day at INTES offices in Stuttgart.
Foundation of INTES Japan K.K. located in Tokyo.

Since PERMAS Version 5 in the year 1993 the functionality of PERMAS has steadily been extended. PERMAS Version 12 now consists of more than 3 Million lines of code. The emphasis of the development is in the following areas:

  • classical structural dynamics and acoustics with modal and direct solution of the equations for vibration and waves,
  • thermo-mechanics in combination with contact analysis, non-linear structural behaviour and heat transfer,
  • layout-, shape- and design-optimization as well as reliability analysis.

In those years, INTES has built up high competence in the area of numerical simulation. The development of special algorithms for contact- and Eigenvalue-analysis made considerable advantages available to our customers.
INTES regularly participates in national and international research projects in order to bring together industrial needs and state-of-the-art achievements from science and technology. Regular user-conferences join users and developers of PERMAS, in order to foster the exchange on experiences and new developments.