Ingenieurgesellschaft für
technische Software


INTES_training If you are interested in our training courses, you will find the current workshop program here.

INTES will attend the following events:

17 - 19 Mai 2022:
At the international online conferenceEuroBrake 2022 INTES is contributing the presentation "Parameter study by built-in high-performance sampling for simulation of brake squeal" (see EuroBrake 2022).

17 - 19 Mai 2022:
At the NAFEMS SeminarGenerative Design und Optimierung INTES is contributing the presentation "Generatives Design für hybrid additive Fertigung" (see NAFEMS Seminar).

21 - 23 June 2022:
At the NAFEMS Reginal Conference NRC 22 AMERICAS INTES is contributing the presentations "Shape Optimization with Static Stress and Sound Radiation" and "Bolt Loosening Analysis in Industrial Tasks with Sophisticated Bolt Thread Approach" (see NRC 22 AMERICAS).

25 - 28 September 2022:
At the SAE Brake Colloquium INTES is contributing the presentation "Sampling of Parameters to Predict and Consider their Variation During Application by Simulation" (see SAE Brake).