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Static analysis with PERMAS
Fast and Reliable

PERMAS offers all types of static analysis including linear and nonlinear material, contact analysis with and without friction, or for special applications like laminate material or weld-spots.
The highest standards of calculation quality and efficiency apply to all applications.

Linear Statics

Allows for linear elastic calculations based upon the assumptions of small displacements, small strains, and linear material behaviour.

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Contact Analysis

Static analyses under nonlinear contact constraints with friction and large relative motions and innovative solvers for very large contact models.

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Nonlinear Statics

Nonlinear analysis of models with large displacements and/or nonlinear material behavior. Material laws for cast-iron and nonlinear material hardening under cyclic loads. Large strain analysis for hyperelastic material.

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Linear Buckling

A linear buckling model to determine load factors and mode shapes.

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Laminate Analysis

Modeling and analysis of multi-layered fibre-reinforced composites.

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Fatigue Analysis

Fully integrated and performant.

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Weldspot Model

Good representation of the global stiffness for spot welded structures.

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