Ingenieurgesellschaft für
technische Software

Make Use of our Competence, Know-How, Experience!

You are looking for a competent partner for your FE analyses?
The INTES Engineering Services department provides know-how, equipment and man-power to carry out any FE analysis project in a professional manner. Get results you can rely on!
Our know-how
Our Experience
  • e.g. in automotive, mechanical and aerospace engineering
  • e.g. in calculation of car body parts, pistons, fans, sensors, charge air coolers,
    chassis, filter boxes, engines, crankshafts, CFC wings
Our Service
  • FE modeling
  • analysis
  • evaluation and discussion of results
  • detailed reports
  • workflow assesment/automation
  • establish new computational methods based on real applications
Our Equipment
  • powerful graphic workstations and compute servers
  • MEDINATM, ANSATM, VisPER for the pre- and post-processing
  • PERMAS for the analysis
  • arbitrary media for data exchange (ssl)
Information and inquiries
  • If you are interested, we would be happy to receive a non-binding inquiry.