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The solid only finite element model (>30M nodes) of an engine cooling module for dynamic response analysis appears by courtesy of Valeo Thermal Systems, La Verrière, France.
New Features in PERMAS Version 19

The new Version 19 of PERMAS and VisPER is available from July 2022. See also product description.

An PERMAS for Education (PERMAS4EDU) is available for training and education purposes. See PERMAS4EDU.

A new class of nonlinear dynamic problems may be simulated with the new HBM module.

The new LIFE module provides functionality to compute fatigue problems in PERMAS. This function is fully integrated and highly compute efficient.

A new interface to SIMDRIVE3D is available. For further information, see product description.

PERMAS continuously offers improved computing performance:
  • New preconditioner option for eigenvalues.
  • Runtime reduction for frequency response with MLDR.
  • A new CAFRICTION option allows to solve a frictional contact problem without friction first, accelerating the subsequent run.
  • The Ampere graphic card is now also supported by the PERMAS module XPU.
  • A new solver allows the direct solution of the fully coupled system for frequency response of fluid-structure task.
Speedup, eigenvalue computation

Speedup, contact analysis

Speedup, direct fscoupled frequency response
Extensions to Basic Module (Module MQA):
  • Data model for parametric geometry in PERMAS.
  • Functions may be grouped in a separate bracket and formula functions may be input directly. A new integration option allows for automatic integration of defined functions.
  • Revision of MPCs
    • Extension of arbitrary MPC coupling directions for interpolation regions.
    • Additional DOF for general MPCs, e.g. for relative movements.
    • MPC reaction forces/heat flux provided for guiding and dependent DOFs.
    • Improved surface coupling ("Tied contact") to easily change to a contact definition.
    • Automatic contact coupling (CONTLOCK) with interpolation regions, i.e. with rigid lever arm correction instead of general MPCs.
Extensions for Contact Analysis.
  • Automatic handling of contact rigid body modes.
  • Contact geometry update may be selected manually. The contact pressure computation has been improved.
Extensions for Dynamics.
  • Improved handling of rigid body modes (also in subcomponents).
  • Calculation of dissipated damping energy.
  • Various improvements for timehistory, random response, fscoupled analyses.
Extensions to Nonlinear Static Analysis:
  • Support of anisotropic plasticity for short fibre materials.
  • Fitting of hyper-elastic material data for usage of measurement data.
Extensions to Optimization:
  • Element filter for buckling sensitivity.
  • Stress scaling by filling ratios for TOPO.
3D printing
Digitization for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)
New Features in VisPER Version 19

The new Version 19 of VisPER is available from July 2022. See also product description

An PERMAS for Education (PERMAS4EDU) is available for training and education purposes. See PERMAS4EDU.

Geometry handling:
VisPER reads and writes geometry data in step format.

  • Visualize geometry
  • Create discrete geometry
  • (triangular) surface meshing
  • Tet-meshing
Design Wizard
Support generative design workflow
  • New Geometry Page for reconstruction
  • Re-use of unchanged geometry
  • Creation of new parametric geometry (work in progress)
Model Completion
  • New fatigue dialog bar
  • New Elstate dialog bar
  • New combine loads dialog and a lot of functional extensions