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Available PERMAS Workshops

The following courses are regularly offered by INTES. Training courses in English can be held as individual training courses by arrangement on site or in our training rooms in Stuttgart. The training courses are offered regularly on favorable terms with fixed training dates. All training courses can also be booked as online training courses. We also offer individual courses.

A detailed summary of all training courses can be found here as PDF: INTES-Workshops.

AD: Advanced PERMAS Methods (German)
Advanced PERMAS Methods (German)
AD-online: Advanced Modeling and Analysis Features - Online
Better usage of the potential of PERMAS
BASIC : PERMAS Basics (German)
Introduction to PERMAS and basics of linear static analysis and contact analysis
BASIC-online: BASIC - Online
PERMAS basics as online training
CA-1: Contact Analysis (German)
Contact Analysis (German)
CA-1-online: Contact Analysis Basics - Online
Introduction and basics of contact analysis with PERMAS
CA-2: Contact Analysis Advanvced (German)
Contact Analysis Advanvced (German)
CA-2-online: PERMAS workshop Contact Analysis Advanced - Online
Advanced topics in contact analysis
DYN: Dynamics (German)
Dynamics Basics
DYN-1-online: Dynamics basics - Online
Basics dynamic analysis with PERMAS
DYN-2-online: Dynamics II - Online
Advanced Applications
ENGINE: Engine Analysis
Introduction to the nonlinear analysis of engine coponents
FS: Fluid-Structure Acoustics
Dynamic response of coupled fluid-structure acoustics
HT: Heat Transfer (German)
Linear and nonlinear methods for steady-state and transient heat transfer analysis
NLS: Nonlinear Static (German)
Nonlinear Static (German)
NLS-online: Non-linear Static Analysis - Online
Application of nonlinear methods with PERMAS
OPT-online: Design Optimization I - Online
Introduction to the optimization facilities in PERMAS
RA: Reliability Analysis
Reliability methods integrated in PERMAS
SUB: Substructure Technique (German)
Theory and practice using substructures
TOPO: Topology Optimization (German)
Topology Optimization (German)
TOPO-online: Topology Optimization - Online
Introduction to topology optimization in PERMAS
UP-V18: Upgrade PERMAS V18 - Online
What is new in PERMAS V18 - online training
UP-V19-online: Upgrade PERMAS V19 - Online
PERMAS / VisPER V19 Upgrade as online training
VisPER-online: VisPER basics - Online
Basics for the use of VisPER