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Electromagnetic Fields with PERMAS

PERMAS offers the following functions for electromagnetic analyses:

PERMAS-EMS - Electro- and Magnetostatics

This module allows for steady-state electromagnetic analysis. Magnetic analyses may be based on a previously performed calculation of the steady-state current distribution. The analysis uses a scalar potential for the electric field and a vector potential for the magnetic field.

Various load types are supported.

The determination and handling of singularities is analoguous to a static analysis.

Heat induced by an electrical field can be used for a subsequent thermal analysis. From that thermal stresses can be derived performing a subsequent static analysis.

Forces induced by a magnetic field can be used in a subsequent static analysis.

PERMAS-EMD - Electrodynamics

A solution of Maxwell's equations is available for different problem cases:

  • eddy currents
  • induction problems
  • resonant cavities
  • wave propagation
  • general electrodynamics

All kinds of loading may be applied in dynamics (like prescribed potential). The specification is made by static loading cases and appropriate time functions like in structural dynamics.

Electromagnetic Fields with PERMAS