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PERMAS for Education

PERMAS4EDU is the ideal tool to become acquainted with the software or to be used in academic coursework on the Finite Element method. You can get to know the outstanding properties of PERMAS and the wide range of applications with PERMAS4EDU. The model editor VisPER is also included. PERMAS4EDU thus covers the entire process chain from the FE mesh to evaluation.

PERMAS4EDU Flyer English
PERMAS4EDU can be obtained through registration at the bottom of this page.

The flyer gives a short overview of the most important properties. Click on the image on the left to open the flyer in pdf format.

The presentation on PERMAS4EDU provides comprehensive information.

The most important information briefly summarized:


Please register for your personal copy of INTES Software (PERMAS, VisPER and Tools) for educational purposes* free of charge.

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You will receive PERMAS and VISPER with a comprehensive scope of functionality which is limited with respect to model size (e.g. 16.000 nodes).

* PERMAS4EDU is valid for education and research. Commercial, professional or any other for-profit purposes are excluded from this license.
Please see the license agreement or terms of service for all specific terms, conditions and definitions.