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PERMAS workshop Contact Analysis Basics - Online (CA-1-online)

Introduction and basics of contact analysis with PERMAS

After a brief theoretical introduction to contact analysis, the participants will learn how contact definitions are realized in PERMAS and how they can be used. The different modeling options for contacts (node or surface contact) are covered in detail. The participants will receive tips and hints on how to solve problems for the best way to model the contact.
The numerous contact results that PERMAS provides are presented and discussed. In addition, it will be explained how they are to be interpreted and what options they offer to check the model for plausibility.
Another focus of the training is on the new topic Contact Geometry Update. The definition in PERMAS is presented. Examples from practice will be shown, possible pitfalls will be discussed and practical solutions will be shown.
The definition of non-linear load history for PERMAS is discussed and the bolt preload briefly presented. The exercises provide participants with space for discussion and to put what they have learned into practice. In addition, the participants receive practical advice and thus learn to apply the knowledge gained to their own models.
It is recommended to attend this training together with PERMAS Basic Training.

Basic knowledge of structural mechanics and FEM as well as basic knowledge of PERMAS.

The next dates for this event:

10/14 - 10/15/2024 register for this date