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PERMAS workshop Engine Analysis (ENGINE)

Introduction to the nonlinear analysis of engine coponents

Application of nonlinear methods for engine analysis with PERMAS. The new and very efficient method for gasket-calculation will be discussed in detail. The combination of contact with material nonlinearities and pretension will be shown on an engine model. On the second day computations on mulit-phyics with the combination of thermally and static calculation will be deepened and additional methods of computational practice will be shown. The exercises during the training will be done on a small engine block model. Each day can be booked individually.

1st day (Engine-1):
Contact analysis, material non-linearities, gasket material, gasket modeling, pretension, load history, exercises in engine analysis
2nd day (Engine-2):
Heat transfer, submodeling, substructuring and special results, speed up the process of engine computation, continuative exercises in engine analysis

Basic knowledge in PERMAS.