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PERMAS workshop Upgrade PERMAS V19 - Online (UP-V19-online)

PERMAS / VisPER V19 Upgrade as online training

The participants will get an overview of the numerous new functionalities in PERMAS V19 and VisPER V19. Numerous highlights characterize the new versions. With the integrated fatigue life analysis and the harmonic balance method, two new functionalities are now available. While fatigue life anal-ysis aims to increase productivity and improve the process chain by eliminating interfaces, the harmonic balance method offers non-linear analyzes in the frequency range for a large number of new applications for the first time. Day 1: Overview of PERMAS V19, Contact Analysis/RBM Handling, Non-linear Statics Day 2: Dynamics/Harmonic Balance, Fatigue LIFE Analysis, VisPER

Practical experience with PERMAS