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PERMAS workshop BASIC - Online (BASIC-online)

PERMAS basics as online training

This workshop gives PERMAS users and other interested persons an overview on basic functions in PERMAS. Participants get useful information for daily use and gain practical knowledge through workshop exercises. The basics of contact analysis are also covered since this feature has become a standard application for most PERMAS users. Besides surface pressure and contact shear forces the workshop also covers extended topcics like friction, screw pre-stress and load-step control.

1st day (BASIC-1):
Introduction and basic concepts, error messages, command language (UCI), Interfaces, integration in pre- and post-processing, merging different input sources, Exercises in integration with pre- and post-processors
2nd day (BASIC-2)
Linear statics, data input, data structure, keywords, exercises in linear statics


The next dates for this event:

10/17 - 10/20/2023 register for this date